Chimney Caps

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Chimney Caps

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A lot of homeowners question the necessity of having chimney flue caps installed on their chimneys, despite the fact that chimney caps are relatively inexpensive to install. What most people fail to realize is that adding this seemingly minor component can protect a chimney from future damage, allowing homeowners to save thousands of dollars in repair.

There are many reasons to consider having a chimney cap installed, including:

• Animals—The warmth of the chimney attracts animals such as squirrels and birds, especially during cold weather. Before you know it, many of them have made your chimney their home! When they do, they can block your chimney so that gases and smoke will back up into your home. This can ultimately lead to soot and smoke damage or, worse, carbon monoxide poisoning.

• Weather—Ice, snow, and rain can enter your chimney flue if you do not have a cap. Moisture from these elements can cause the structure to deteriorate. Cracks may occur which could prove costly to mend. It makes sense to ensure that moisture is not allowed into the chimney. After all, prevention is better than repair.

• Embers—Chimney caps prevent embers from escaping. Burning embers from your fireplace that manage to escape and go outdoors may cause fires. A cap and spark guard are excellent additions to ensure safety.

Have your chimney caps installed by the experts at Tim’s Top Hat Chimney Sweep & Service. With more than 20 years of experience, we promise to give you the fastest, safest, and most affordable installation in Hudson, WI. Give us a call today!