Chimney Liners

Tim’s Top Hat Chimney Sweep & Service has more than 20 years of excellent chimney service experience.

Chimney Liners

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Unlined chimneys can cause toxic gases like carbon monoxide to seep into your home, which can be hazardous to your health. They also greatly increase the risk for a buildup of creosote, which may ultimately lead to fires in your chimney.

The importance of chimney liners should not be ignored. Their main function is to hold heat inside the liner, thereby protecting the surrounding areas from overheating. When overheating happens, it can start a fire. When your chimney is properly lined, heat is minimized and airflow is optimized.

With the passing of the years, chimney liners may become damaged, especially if they are made of ceramic or clay, which are not as long-lasting as metal chimney liners. Surprisingly, a lot of homes in Hudson, WI have no chimney flue liners at all. Let Tim’s Top Hat Chimney Sweep & Service install one for you today.

It is recommended that homeowners acquire the services of a professional chimney contractor who is duly qualified to install or re-install liners for their chimneys. Tim’s Top Hat Chimney Sweep & Service offers fast, reliable, and affordable chimney lining and re-lining services to ensure that your chimney is safe and efficient, and that it meets the local safety requirements of Hudson, WI.

A liner helps extend your chimney’s lifespan because it protects the stonework and woodwork that surrounds it. It will also make cleaning easier,so you will save money on costs for future repairs. Call us today!